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Michele Rapp is a disgruntled commuter who would like to see Boston have a state of the art transportation system that would entice residents to ditch their cars in favor of riding the T.  She believes that those who vote on the MBTA should ride the buses, trains and commuter rail on a regular basis to have a first hand understanding of the daily frustrations of the commuters.  Her long and frustrating commute in the winter of 2015 lead her to envision this event.

Steve Kropper is a clean tech and telecom entrepreneur.  In college he noticed that the 'T' had fallen off the sign for Fenway Station.  He  painted a big black T on the blank white circle to replace it.  Decades ago, he lobbied the T to ban smoking on buses and subways. He remembers putting his arm around his date on the Needham rail line as a nervous teen.  Steve is an Eagle Scout, holds an MBA from Cornell and is a Founding Fellow with the NE Clean Energy Council.  He believes his daughters are proof of magic.

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Gov On The T  Thursday, March 19
State officials take the T/bus/boat
on the last morning of winter

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